3 Reasons Why Regular Grooming Is Crucial for Pets Prone to Matting

The maintenance of your pet's coat is of utmost importance to their health and comfort. Unfortunately, some pet owners believe that all pets are the same, and coat grooming cuts across the board. However, nothing could be further from the truth because coat care and maintenance depend on your pet's breed. For instance, dog breeds with coarse, wiry coats are easier to brush and are not susceptible to knots and mats.

Colitis in Dogs: Is Their Diet to Blame?

Do you know someone who suffers from colitis? This is an inflammation of the colon, and it's a tricky condition, simply because the symptoms can be wide-ranging, from mild discomfort to acute pain. Of course, someone with this condition can easily describe their symptoms to their doctor, but this isn't the case with all sufferers. Dogs can be affected by colitis too, although it's not going to be as straightforward to identify.