How to Groom an Irish Setter

If you're a lover of long-haired dog breeds, you may have recently invited an Irish Setter into your home and are making him or her a member of the family. However, while you will need to ensure that you give a dog like this a great deal of exercise as they are very playful, boisterous and joyful, you've also got to make sure that you look after their coat carefully. What do you need to know about dog grooming if you've never owned an animal like this before?

Why Have Your Cat Microchipped Before You Move?

If you haven't had your cat microchipped yet and you're moving to a new home, then now is a good time to sort this out. Why? Microchipping May Be Mandatory Some states require you to microchip your cat. If you currently live in a state that doesn't make this mandatory but you are moving to one that does, then you should certainly do this before you move if your cat is at the statutory microchipping age.

3 Things to Look for in a Dog Grooming Service

While some owners are happy to bathe and groom their dogs, others prefer to use pet groomers. If you don't have a lot of free time, or if you find your dog hard to handle when you are trying to bath or groom it, then it is easier to hand this job over to a trained professional. Before you choose a pet grooming facility, it's important to make sure you use the right one for your pet.

Two steps to take if your dog is diagnosed with gum disease

If your dog has been diagnosed with gum disease by your vet, here are two steps you should take. 1. Get the plaque removed from their teeth by a vet that specialises in veterinary dentistry. Lots of dog owners who discover that their pets have this condition make the mistake of simply increasing the length and frequency with which they brush their dog's teeth in the hopes that this will lead to the disease going into remission.